I am FREE for the first time in my life. Free from carb addiction, free from blood pressure med, almost free from insulin, and free to actually love food. Loving food seems incongruous, because you’d think a person who weighed nearly 300 pounds OBVIOUSLY loved food. But I realize now that I hated and feared it because I was giving it the power to destroy my health, my mobility, and my freedom to move around and enjoy life. Now I feel confident that I will NOT be thrown off my path when I relax and let myself delight in the flavors and textures of a perfectly appropriate and delicious small meal. This feels like a miracle to me.

I take NONE of the “success” for granted, and I am deeply grateful for every one of the 52 pounds lost so far.

Mother of Four

We have been working with Dr. Burke for about 6 months now and she is WONDERFUL with our son. She really has a gentle way of dealing with him which makes his therapy a lot easier on us all.

L. Miller

I went to Dr. Burke a few years ago and she was simply amazing! She is very kind and compassionate and truly cares for her patients.

Carol Wright

I just wanted to write to say “thank you” for all you have done for me! I think anyone who has dieted their entire life, like I have, knows every time you start a new diet plan, you have to give up all your favorite foods. You can’t eat that, it’s not on your diet…etc. Your stomach is growling all day long because you can’t eat anything, and you are starving. I know this sounds familiar to all of us who have suffered with a weight problem. Then I met you Dr. Burke. I have to admit, when you introduced your plan to me I was a little bit skeptical. Hypnotize me? I have always been a very strong individual, I really did not believe that you would be able to hypnotize me for one, and if you were able, I really did not think it would work. I listened to what you said, and I felt very comfortable with you, so I signed up. Wow what a pleasant surprise! The very first night after I was hypnotized, and we had our first discussion, I left and went out for dinner with my husband, he was starving, and fortunately for him, he has never had a weight problem. At dinner, I followed all the things we had talked about earlier, and they worked. I ate very slowly, I put my fork down and carried on a conversation, and it was amazing, I was able to leave almost 3/4′s of my dinner, and I was full. I never leave any food on my plate!!! Wow this was really great! My husband even made a comment about how little I had eaten. The strange thing was that I was truly full. Dr. Burke, I want you to know how happy I am with your plan! I faithfully listen to your reinforcement CDs, so far I have been on your plan for 6 months, and I have been able to maintain my weight. I exercise every morning, for thirty minutes, and then listen to my CDs, this has been really easy for me. I think the reason I have done so well on your plan is because, I can eat anything I want, just not everything. I do not have to eat only salad, I can enjoy all the foods I like, but in limited quantities. I really wanted to thank you for all you have done for me!! I don’t know if a doctor ever gets a thank you, but I wanted you to have one!

Thanks so much for all your help!

John J. Sweeney MD, Internist and Psychiatrist

I participated in Dr. Burke’s initial study. My goal was to lose 15 lbs. which I did successfully. Hypnosis is an excellent way to achieve the results that all good weight loss programs strive for… smaller portions of the foods we eat normally…so that we do not feel like we’re dieting. I felt satiated on the smaller portions. The hypnosis was just like something inside that helped me to consistently eat those smaller meals. I loved the reinforcement CD… it was very relaxing and enjoyable to listen to…


Wish you the best in your new location. Want to thank you for your help in the past, I have been able to pretty well maintain my weight loss with the help of your program. I still listen to your refresher program once or twice a day. Have moved it to my smart phone so I always have it with me. Last year I had a major health set back, I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. They gave me a CD to relax and remove stress for the pending operation, but I listened to it once and switched to using your program, which helped me with the stress much better. I am still recovering from the side effects which I am told some will go away after about a year 🙁 Some never. But I am still using your program daily and it helps me deal with the stress. I gained a few pounds during the process when I was not allowed to exercise, but am now back on track to losing it.

Again thanks for all your help and I hope you can help many more people in your new location.