A Compassionate Clinical Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, & Author
I was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, and came to this country as a young child. Shortly after my arrival, my parents divorced and a somewhat chaotic childhood followed. I attended college in Ohio, and majored in History and Education, never envisioning my current career or life path.

I have had a successful therapy practice based in Medford, New Jersey for more than 20 years and have recently moved my psychology practice to St. Mary’s Georgia, and my hypnotherapy practice to Amelia Island, Florida. My unique weight loss program combines a special hypnotherapy program with counseling and relaxation to help maintain weight loss. Many participants have experienced significant weight loss success, some over 100 lbs. They have learned how to effectively manage their stress while changing their eating habits for good.

My Weight Loss Journey: losing and keeping off more than 40 lbs.
My weight loss program was self-driven. After the death of my son, I (who had always been a normal healthy weight) gained about 50 lbs. Over the next 20 years, I tried every weight loss program (including hypnosis) to shed those pounds. I finally came across the one program that worked for me. It included no dieting, no drugs, and no surgery. To date, I have lost more than 40 lbs., and have kept the weight off for more than two years. Click here to learn more about this exciting breakthrough in weight loss. I would be delighted to support you in your weight loss endeavors. To schedule a private consultation with me, call (904) 432-7717 or my personal cell at: 609-870-7725
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Susanna Worrywart and the Magical Teddy Bear Balloon

Susanna Worrywart and the Magical Teddy Bear Balloon

Tools for Children
Children: Confidence-Building & Anxiety Management
Like adults, children experience a great deal of anxiety from time to time. Through the years, I have had extensive experience with children, and I chose to balance my practice with about half children and half adult patients. I suspect this may also be a reflection of the issues I myself faced as a child.

My book, Susanna Worrywart and the Magical Teddy Bear Balloon introduces children to the idea of relaxing and throwing away their worries and anxiety. It has been well-received and many children have benefited from it over the years. To learn more about these tools for children, visit our Tools for Children page.