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Welcome to EllinorBurke.com Have your attempts at weight loss been unsuccessful? Are you considering Gastric Bypass or the Gastric Band Surgery, but worried about the risks and costs? If you are looking for an effective weight loss system that includes no dieting, no surgery, and no drugs, Dr. Ellinor Burke can help!

Click the video to learn more about an exciting new weight loss technique that helped me shed 40 pounds safely without dieting, surgery, or drugs.

My hypnotherapy office, is now located in Florida, I have been helping people with stress and anxiety and weight loss for more than 20 years. I offer a variety of tools and programs for successful weight loss and stress management in my new location at 5422 Coastal Highway, Fernandina Beach, Florida, including including the successful Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss System.

My practice offers tools to help manage stress, anxiety, and pain. We offer assistance to those who are looking to cease smoking, cope with divorce, or address low self-esteem.

Like adults, children experience a great deal of anxiety from time to time. Our Tools for Children feature Confidence-Building & Anxiety Management to help them become more confident as they deal with self-esteem issues, bullying, sleep issues, or divorce.

Please review the information on our website, then call to schedule an appointment at (904)432-7717 or my cell phone 609-870-7725 Let us help you become a happier, healthier, and more confident you!